Maintaining optimal function of your body will allow you to train to your best of your ability and progress steadily to better skills and endurance. When assessing injuries, we look at why the injury has happened to you specifically, what individual aspects of your body’s structure and related functionality may have influenced injury onset or be preventing full recovery. At All Elite we work together as a team to rehabilitate existing injuries and prevent niggles becoming injuries, so you can reach your training goals.

For specific injuries / concerns, an initial consultation with Lorraine will include an extensive review of your injury history and medical history, along with physical assessment to ascertain the diagnosis for your injury and prognosis for treatment and recovery.

For a pre-training assessment a detailed medical history will also be taken along with examination of movement, muscle function and joint mobility to highlight any biomechanical asymmetry, weakness, range of motion dysfunctions, etc. ‘Pre-hab’ advice and exercises will then be given and incorporated into your training to work on any findings.

Initial Consultation

  • Documentation and analysis of current symptoms, previous injuries and medical history
  • Physical assessment and specific orthopaedic testing
  • Targeted treatment (techniques include joint mobilisation / manipulation, specialised soft tissue and sports massage techniques, sport & kinesio taping)
  • Initial exercises and stretches as part of a progressive rehabilitation program to restore pain free range of movement and optimal function

Follow-up Appointment

  • Review of progress / physical reassessment
  • Continued treatment in line with current presentation of symptoms / examination findings
  • Rehabilitation exercises and stretches review / progression

If further assessment is indicated (scans / blood tests, etc.) before or alongside treatment / rehabilitation, a referral will be advised.

sports injury rehabilitation

Treatment of an injury may incorporate a range of techniques

gym personal trainer

Osteopathy can treat a wide range of injuries

fitness trainer in london

Depending on the injury, different rehabilitation methods may be used to promote recovery.

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