Our Story


As an elite champion boxer Oriance follows an intense weekly training regime. Initially the demands of this training led her to take time out after suffering from years of ongoing musculoskeletal issues and niggling injuries. She had pushed through unresolved injuries until they had accumulated to a point where her body could no longer perform to the level that she required and could not be resolved through standard stretching and strengthening. It was at this point that she met Lorraine, a Sports Osteopath with extensive biomechanical expertise and, as a kickboxing and boxing instructor, experienced in the movement demands of the sport.

Working with Lorraine she was able to start to resolve ongoing issues that had been fought against mentally but now defeated her physically. Through the rehabilitation process she realised the importance of recognising and resolving issues before they either stopped her from training to the level she wanted or created compensatory patterns of movement affecting the execution of technique. After returning to full training and competing, she worked regularly with Lorraine and, after noticing issues with some of her students, sent them through for assessment and treatment so that they could continue training optimally. As Ori continued to train she looked further into increasing the capacity of her body to better perform and recover.

Realising that other athletes had the expertise of nutritional coaches to help them perform to the best of their abilities, she decided to start working with nutritional coach Phoebe, who specialised with combat sport nutritional needs. [more nutrition stuff]

Having worked together over many years, we realised as a collective that there is a need for this type of focused collaboration at all levels of training – from fitness enthusiasts to competing athletes of all disciplines – to enhance performance through recognising and working with the individual and their unique biomechanics and nutritional needs, so to reduce injury risk and maintain optimal health.