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As well as a tool for optimal health and living, food is a creative and social outlet, and sometimes as much of a person’s identity as the clothes they wear. Nutrition and wellness should be exciting and accessible. Using a science-based, holistic approach we set you up with easy to follow plans and coaching, individualised to help you reach your specific goals, without taking the fun and the taste out of the picture.

Utilising concepts such as blood pH, body ecology, biochemical individuality and food tolerances we work to help you design and maintain a balanced and effective diet, rich in organic, natural, probiotic, whole foods across the entire nutrient spectrum.



Prior to your consultation you will be asked to log a detailed 5-10 day food and energy diary, and complete a short, confidential health questionnaire. With these we can establish your current habits, tastes, preferences and lifestyle, along with any medical issues that may be relevant to your current health status or future changes we might make. You are encouraged additionally to get blood work and microbiome tests done prior to your appointment – more information and referrals can be provided on request.


During your setup we will analyse and review your current food intake, metabolic stats and preferences, map out your goals and choose a program that facilitates a clear route success, best suited to you as an individual.


Within one week of receiving the information required you will be sent the initial version of your meal plan(s) and program, along with personalised program including:
● Food diary analysis
● Outline of macro- and micro-nutrient targets
● Nutritional concepts and how you are affected by them
● Tactics to success when making lifestyle and dietary adjustments
● Guidelines for supportive supplementation


● Food Tolerance Guidelines (if applicable)
● Daily Macro- & Micro-Nutrient Specifications
● Daily Meal Specifications
● Any supporting recipes, as requested
● Meal Scheduling

A monthly service is available to provide ongoing expertise and advice. Coaching keeps you accountable, and is important in order to maintain and/or progress results with the appropriate adjustments and progressions to your meal plan as your body changes and your goals evolve. The coaching fee will cover all and any adjustments and progressions to the program you require as well as up to one monthly face to face or phone session.

What a fighter eats directly affects their energy, strength and ability to perform. Good nutrition is not just a tool, but a necessity to excel in martial arts and fitness alike. Fight-Specific Coaching Programmes are designed specifically for controlling weight & moving between weight classes whilst not only maintaining, but driving your performance. Learning how to fuel your body appropriately will increase your energy, alertness, tactile efficiency, reaction time, and physical condition.

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